I have been attending physiotherapists and chiropractors etc for almost 30 years with back, shoulder and neck pains

Every visit has been ore or less the same, a long chat to start with followed by a few minutes massaging and joint cracking followed by another long session at the end when I was given a list of exercises that I MUST DO DAILY

End result, a few days of extra pain following the session then a fewer few days of reasonable relief then straight back to the beginning with the pain returning.

Every visit ended with insistence that I needed another visit the following week

Imagine the difference when I visited Chiz

He spoke with me for a few minutes while I explained my situation.

He then explained what I needed and what he would do for me. This was followed by an hour of intense muscle massage that found muscular pain I didn’t know I had and while painful felt as if at last I was getting treated

At the end of the first session I knew I had been treated. 

Chiz explained that I would be sore for a few days and that I should treat the pain with ice in the short term and come back in about 10 days. He explained fully how my treatment would work in that he would see me every 10 days or so until we were confident of progress then the visits would extend out to about 6 weekly just to keep things under control

That is where I am now and I am delighted to say that for the first time ever I am getting properly treated in a very  professional way and that I am progressing well

I don’t look forward to pain of the treatment but I most certainly enjoy the results of it. 

I would recommend Chiz to anyone who has pain that the others can’t fix as he reaches the parts other “practitioners” can’t!

Thank you and good luck for the future.