About a month before I was due to run the Coventry half marathon, I began to experience some severe pain in my right ankle/Achilles area. I was convinced I had done some serious damage, and was obviously devastated that I would not be able to compete having trained so hard.

On the recommendation of a mutual friend, I got in touch with Chiz and arranged an appointment to see if we could resolve the issue. The session covered everything from how I was training, to what I was eating, and of course the all important massage. I was expecting some serious pain but actually found it OK! Chiz focused on the area in question, and basically helped work the muscle back to it’s normal state. I was given advice on some stretching exercises, and some useful tips on how to treat the area at home.

Within a week I was back to running 10+ miles and my ankle felt better than ever. I booked a 2nd appointment the week before the race just to ‘flush out’ any remaining problems.

Not only did I manage to complete the race injury-free, but I shaved a massive 6 minutes off my PB! Best money I ever spent. Thanks Chiz!!!