My first big challenge came when Barry had text saying where Lauren and I had two full days in Sheffield with the Team GB ladies Olympic Basketball Team to help with there preparations for the Olympics. This was a big, big thing not only for myself but for Smart Therapy in general as we were recognised for the work which had been put in by Barry to get to this stage.

The day started very early with myself driving Lauren and I to Sheffield both very excited about this opportunity that we had been presented with. Having had a stop off on the way as Lauren was craving for her chicken nuggets we were back on the road heading towards the Hilton Hotel where the ladies were staying.

We reached the hotel where we were asked to go into a room to set up the treatment couches on arrival for the ladies. The hotel was out of this world nothing like I had experienced in my life, travelodge definitely doesn’t have anything on this!! Having waited for around 20 minutes and having a chat with Julie who was in charge of us the treatments commenced soon after.

The first player came in, must have been about 6ft something, in comparison to a midget like me I was like this is highly embarrassing but I was there to do a job and not make judgements. Treatments passed throughout the day all being approximately 30 minutes for each of the athletes and each wanting a different treatment to the other. There was a great variety of treatments given and my skills were being put to the test in such a huge environment.

Group One definitely helped me get that extra bit of experience up, but this was professional athletes that we were treating prior to the worlds biggest occasion, the Olympics. Being in a room full of ladies and ladies being ladies they sometimes chatted about hair, make up, boys etc, and me adding the odd comment about football just to try and break it up just to remind them I was in the room haha.

The ladies were absolutely superb throughout both of the days we were there made us feel at ease, the banter and conversation we all shared was excellent. We left on the second day happy with the treatments we carried out and getting  good feedback also. So from Sheffield to Smart Therapy the following day what a difference a few days can make in someone’s job. I was buzzing to get some more of these days…..

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